Bomber MK-II

SKU: 02CASS001BK21
$140.00 CAD

Our Bomber Jackets are black on black so that you can stand out with an air of subtlety, and they are made from polyester instead of leather or nylon, for its superior water resistant qualities. You also get the added bonus of receiving a tassel that can be removed or used as a keychain if need be.
Our Bombers also feature a slim fit, so you can even order a size larger than usual, and not have your clothing feel too bulky, yet still complete an outfit perfectly! The choice in polyester also is good for firearm ranges; spent and ejected casings should typically be close to 325° F/163° C, but polyester does not start to melt until 482°F / 295°C, that means you should be protected for more than 100 degrees in either Fahrenheit or Celsius!