We empower individuals, allowing them to
express their truest selves in our clothing.
Providing the confidence to stand out
in a crowd, even when you are alone.


On the winter solstice of the year 2018, Tiers was formed. The idea of the company is to provide a bridge between what we as a society deem to be mainstream and niche Markets. The company draws inspiration from the time of antiquity, the military, the vanguard of fashion, Buddhist robes, Taoist garbs, Maghrebi attire, and the counter culture. We wholeheartedly believe that these avenues of fashion do not only need to exist in their own spaces, but rather come together in harmony, much like the beautiful planning of Garden City, designed by Ebenezer Howard, and The Lost City of Atlantis, as described by Plato in The Republic.


The Tiers emblem is comprised of many elements from various sources. The cross crosslet draws from the sacred cross of Christianity, the Japanese characters or kanji for lord and king (主 and 王 respectively). The cross crosslet was also inspired by an ancient symbol from the indo region of the world, symbolizing the four winds, "the corners of the Earth", the four cardinal directions, and the eternal cycling nature of existence, kin to the concept of samsara. The four circular marks are of the aforementioned symbol from antiquity, they represent the Earth, sun, moon, and stars. This reference to celestial bodies are meant to represent each of our worldly religions from Zoroastrianism to Taoism.


With the advent of technology making it more accessible for brands to surface, and also for more brands to fail due to over-saturation across many markets, Tiers has been a slow build, not unlike the burn of a candlestick, or more appropriately, the construction of a complex art exhibit. Tiers is a philosophy; it is meant be inclusive of all walks of life. Through the process of integrating the era of antiquity, the post-classical age, and our modern era, Tiers hopes to bring forth a new found importance to the culmination of varying cultures and beliefs, as is the Canadian way.

[Plus the SARS‑CoV‑2 (Covid) pandemic was hard for everyone.]

Xerxes is an artist from Toronto, Canada.

When he was 5, he stopped a bank robbery by challenging the robbers to a foot race.

When he was 9, he created a kimono-inspired suits for 12 groomsmen.

When he was 12, he single-handedly built a bridge across a river, using only a knife, a rope, and his bare hands.

When he was 17, he defused a bomb by replacing the timer with an unpeeled potato.

On his 21st birthday, he saved a man from drowning by teaching him how to swim, with a sword and shield in hand.

When he was 23, he created Tiers.

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