How Our Stickers Work

How Our Stickers Work

Xerxes Malik Morosanto

Curious to know how our Tiers Emblem Stickers are applied, or if they have a white or translucent/transparent border? We've created a couple of videos to demonstrate how our stickers look, and also how they are applied. You can watch our videos below or simply read our written instructions. 

For our Encircled Emblem Stickers, you simply peel and stick. For greater accuracy during application, we recommend the following steps:

- Peel the backing off of the sticker, partially.
- Align the sticker to where you desire the sticker to be.
- Peel the rest of the backing off of the sticker.

    For our Black or White Transfer Stickers, it is a five step process. To use these stickers, simply:

    - Peel the backing of the sticker off partially or peel the backing off of the sticker entirely.
    - Position and place the sticker in the desired location. 
    - Peel the rest of the backing from the sticker so it is now applied to the surface of your choosing.
    - Apply pressure to the design elements of the stickers.
    - Peel the top layer of the sticker off. This layer is simply used to hold each design element in place before it is applied to a surface.