Fashion: How We Express Ourselves

Fashion: How We Express Ourselves


Fashion is a form of self-expression and communication. It can be used to identify with a certain group or trend, to display modesty, or even to be seen as part of the elite.

The most recognizable forms of fashion often involves the military. Military uniforms are a way to demonstrate that an individual is a part of a larger group. Even when in uniform, we often still use forms of fashion to distinguish ourselves from one another. We brandish insignias, emblems, flags, chevrons, and many more forms of symbols that represent our standing or position within groups. One example is that in the Queen's Own Rifles of Canada, a military reserve regiment, they wear green coloured berets. One method of distinction is that the reservist which have completed the Paratrooper course & certification wear maroon berets.

The use of fashion to communicate who we are has been around for centuries. For instance, the Kemetians (Ancient Egyptians) wore different styles depending on their social status and occupation. In the 18th century, men wore long wigs in order to show their wealth and power, while women’s hair was worn up in elaborate styles to show their social standing.

In the 21st century, we still use fashion as a way to express ourselves and communicate who we are. We use clothing, accessories, makeup, hairstyles etc., to help us tell others about ourselves, our interests and values, without having to say anything at all. With fashion, we demonstrate to others who we are.

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